Helen Eriksen

30 years of international
first-mover experience in facilitating
leadership, well-being, coherence
– with sustainable success as a result.

It's time for liberating leadership, well-being, and more meaning...

Where are we going, and what steps should we take If we are to move towards a more meaningful, well-being-creating, and cohesive work life? This question has occupied organizational psychologist, speaker, and author Helen Eriksen for over 30 years. As an organizational guide and bridge builder between science, consciousness, and well-being and motivation research, she supports leaders, employees, and organizations in finding the way forward. It's about listening to research, creating new narratives, and prioritizing well-being – that's part of Helen Eriksen's recipe.

We are each other's work environment, and fortunately, we have the opportunity to lift ourselves and each other towards more liberating and facilitating leadership, well-being, meaning, and coherence.


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Starling Flock Leadership - when Co-creation Takes Flight

Murmuration of Starlings is the wild phenomenonwhere thousands of starlings move synchronously, almost dancing, creating organic formations in the air as they fly at quite high speeds. Simultaneously, the starling flock serves as a fantastic metaphor and guide for the cohesive, co-creative, synchronized organization that moves almost intuitively as one entity, without much conscious thought. With increased well-being and (sustainable) economic success in its wake.

"Starling Flock Leadership – co-creation and well-being in times of change" is, by the way, the title of one of Helen's current and popular lectures. 

Lectures, courses & organizational development


With humor and an open-minded approach, extensive knowledge, and a rarely captivating storytelling ability, Helen Eriksen is internationally recognized for her lectures on topics such as well-being, job satisfaction, change, and more meaning.


For 30 years, Helen has conducted courses and programs with the aim of raising awareness on how to reduce stress, foster increased well-being, health, meaning, and joy in life, both personally and professionally.

Consultancy and processes

Helen Eriksen tailors change processes for companies and institutions. It could be an inspirational day, a week, or an extended program ranging from six months to a whole year.


"Giving while growing", "More Meaning," and "The Fruit Tree Strategy". Find inspiration and knowledge in Helen Eriksen's popular books."

About The Eriksen Instutute

The Eriksen Institute is located at Skovgaarden near Nørreskoven on Als in Southern Jutland. The place is created so that, as an organization, as a leader of yourself and others, together with your colleagues and employees, or as a private individual in various phases of your life, you have a place to go that is scientifically grounded, holistic, and highly qualified in business and health psychology.

It is a place where you can go to be inspired, receive guidance, gain new knowledge, have time for contemplation and self-reflection in beautiful nature by the forest and beach. All while being treated to healthy and delicious organic vegan food and drinks.

When everything is connected, why not let it be?


Tell me, are we allowed to...?

If you're a middle manager, you probably know this question from your everyday life. Perhaps you've heard your employees pose it, maybe to such an extent that you sometimes catch yourself thinking, 'Why should so many decisions actually go through me?' Perhaps you've also posed the question upward in your organization to ensure you're on track with the management's KPIs and expectations.

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We need breathing spaces, breaks, and self-love in order to give while also growing from it

We thrive best when, as individuals, employees, and leaders, we have the opportunity to give while also growing from it. However, we can only do that when we remember to recover and occasionally take the time for a self-loving 'give-while-I-grow' check. That's why breaks and mental breathing spaces are so crucial for our well-being, to the extent that they can actually be equated with fundamental needs like sleep and nutrition.

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Have you considered what provides meaning for you?

"Imagine if..." Those three words in context are one of my favorite expressions because they inspire me to wonder. I often wonder, especially if the growth paradigm, its dogmas, and ideals have actually led us away from a much more cohesive way of understanding ourselves in the world, which would make much more sense for individuals.

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