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The Well-Being Coach programme is also offered as an internal training course in your company in Danish, German or English for groups of 6–12 participants.

A course for coaches, organizational and personnel developers as well as managers and others who want to learn more about what creates well-being in everyday working life.

The course provides you with specific tools to create a healthier and more resilient working environment. Increase job satisfaction and employee motivation as well as your personal quality of life.

Participants receive a certificate from the Eriksen Institute Denmark.

The training is offered in cooperation with Resilienz Zentrum Schweiz and take place in Basel.
The next dates, 2021 in Basel, CH are:

20-22 August

17-19 September

15-17 October

12-14 November

10-12 December

What the course offers:

  •  Training with a holistic perspective.
  •  A development process that improves your personal well-being.
  •  Knowledge and tools for generating well-being and joy – on a personal as well as anorganizational level – as you transition from the growth paradigm to the well-being paradigm.
  •  Practical and theoretical insights into simple and practical ways to use yoga and mindfulnessmeditation to generate well-being and improved quality of life in both your personal and your working life.

NB! The course includes the latest research and practice-based experiences of the factors that generate a positive psychological working environment, meaning, well-being, job satisfaction, innovation and thus a sustainable development and economic growth for people and organizations. You find more detailed information about the course modules here: Well-Being Coach® training, Content

Practical information:
Trainer: psychologist, MSc psych, well-being specialist and writer Helen Eriksen.    

Course fee: DKK 20,625 incl. VAT and full board, accommodation and education.

Place: In Danish it takes place in Sønderborg, see below.
Duratn: three intensive weekends in 2022.

  •  14–16 January
  •  18–20 February
  •  25–27 March
  •  Each module begins on Friday night at 19.30 and ends Sunday at 15.30.

Referencences, English/German.

With any form of education, it makes a big difference that you like the person who is teaching – that you can tell that they really believe in what they teach, and that their demeanour demonstrates that the effort is worthwhile. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job of that than Helen Eriksen did in this training programme. She is the most competent, wonderful, honest, healthy, realistic, non-judging person I have ever met. And her life experience – wow!

Helen manages to make complicated theory and research in the field accessible, in many cases by linking it to a story, often based on real life and her own experience. She knows what tools work in practice and demonstrates how we can use them. She shows us that well-being has to do with much more than theoretical knowledge and tools. It is about ‘the whole person’ and quality of life in every aspect.

This training programme is about making the most of the many hours we spend at work – both in terms of professional achievements and, in particular, in terms of how to develop good social relations with your colleagues. The main focus is on what you can do: how can you be a good role model?

I wish Helen would offer some master classes to follow up on relevant theory, add new theory, train coaching and, not least, boost motivation and inspiration to continue to the good work – we all need that from time to time.

Helle Lehrmann, Culture-manager, Rudersdal Commune.


Well-being is a universal foundation of all development and learning, and we can clearly tell when we, an employee, a team or the entire organism is thriving and in well-being – or the opposite.

Far too many people are not thriving at work or in their life. Decisions are made on an uninformed and uninvolved basis, and as a result, they struggle to see themselves in the decisions that are made. The result is a tragic loss of meaning, which is far from sustainable on a human – or an economic – level.

I have never met anyone who matches Helen’s ability to weave theory of science, psychology, nutrition studies, mindfulness and the spiritual level together in such exemplary fashion in what I would call a holistic discourse.

Helen shares knowledge as if from an inexhaustible fount – and she seems to grow proportionately with everything she gives. Amazing and unique!

In this intensive course – which took place in a beautiful natural setting by Ebeltoft – the seed is sown for both self-development and holistic change management, and even though these might be big words, I believe the world would look very different if Helen’s outlook was more widespread. A paradigm shift is undoubtedly underway – and Helen is making a huge contribution.

Helen’s holistic approach and knowledge about change management and well-being processes are conveyed in such an engaging and inspiring way that I warmly recommend this course for everyone.

Thank you for an incredibly inspiring training programme.

Jens Jacob Jacobsen, Area manager, CHP (Centre for Disability and Psychiatric Services), Frederikshavn Municipality


Wohlbefinden ist ein universelles Fundament für Entwicklung und Lernen jeglicher Art, und wir spüren deutlich, wenn wir, ein Mitarbeiter, ein Team oder der gesamte Organismus sich wohl – oder unwohl fühlen.

Viel zu viele Menschen fühlen sich an ihrem Arbeitsplatz und in ihrem Leben unwohl. Entscheidungen werden auf einer uninformierten – und unbeteiligten Grundlage getroffen, wobei sich der Einzelne kaum selbst darin erkennen kann. Im Grunde genommen eine sinnlose Tragödie und alles andere als menschlich – oder wirtschaftlich nachhaltig.

Ich habe noch nie einen Menschen wie Helen getroffen, der es gelingt, Wissenschaftstheorie, Psychologie, Ernährungslehre, Mindfulness und das Spirituelle auf derart vorbildliche Weise zu verknüpfen. Ich gestatte mir, dies als holistischen Diskurs zu bezeichnen.

Helen schöpft aus ihrem Wissen wie „aus einer nie versiegenden Quelle“ – und scheint selbst dabei proportional zu wachsen. Einfach unglaublich und einzigartig!

Bei diesem Intensivkurs – veranstaltet in der schönen Natur von Ebeltoft – wird der Keim für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und holistisches Änderungsmanagement gelegt. Und obwohl dies große Worte sind, würde die Welt meiner Ansicht nach sehr viel anders aussehen, wenn man in höherem Maße von Helens Menschenbild ausgehen würde. Wir befinden uns zweifelsohne in einem Paradigmenwechsel – und Helens Beitrag dazu ist äußerst beachtlich.

Helens holistischer Ansatz und ihr Wissen über Change Management und Well-being-Prozesse werden auf derart lebendige und anregende Weise vermittelt, dass ich diese Ausbildung nur allen wärmstens empfehlen kann.

Danke für eine unglaublich inspirierende Ausbildungsprozess.

Jens Jacob Jacobsen, Fachlicher Leiter, Centrum für Handicap und Psykiatrie
Frederikshavn Kommune (Kanton)


You register by paying the deposit of DKK 4,500 into account number 0755–3230797527. Please include the title of the course and subsequently send an email to message@going-beyond.dk with your contact information. Your registration is secured when you pay either the deposit or the full fee. Next, you will receive a receipt, confirmation of your registration, course details and so on by email. Any outstanding amount has to be paid no later than 1 month before the seminar starts. For cancellations received no later than 1 month before seminar start, we will refund 85% of the amount paid in; for cancellations received after this date, the amount is non-refundable, although it may be transferred (minus 15%) to another one of Helen’s courses. If the course is fully booked, we will notify you and put you on a waiting list.

Capacity: this year’s courses have room for 8 participants each. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

Location: Again this time, the courses are held in a cluster of beautiful summerhouses just outside the city of Ebeltoft, a gorgeous setting just a stone’s throw from the beach, where you can fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves.

Transportation: from Aarhus Bus Station the trip takes 1 hour 25 minutes – take bus number 123.   A one-way ticket costs DKK 90. You can fly into Aarhus airport, a 30 minute’s drive from the seminar place.  https://www.midttrafik.dk/media/7489/123øs_helår_k17.pdf

We will pick you up from the final stop, which is the one after Ebeltoft C. Send us an SMS with your expected time of arrival.