A b o u t    S a n d a g e r g aa r d

The Eriksen Institute – bridging science & consciousness

 Sandagergaard is a manor house with two wings, one built in the 1600s and the other in the 1700s. It is a tranquil and beautiful space, surrounded by a park and water in the form of a ‘duck-driven’ moat (they are enjoying themselves thoroughly, the ducks).


Both indoors and out, Sandagergaard offers ample ‘headspace’, inviting contemplation, reflection, personal growth and doing something good for yourself.  It is also a place that invites us to discover or rediscover our joy, spirit, purpose, meaning and personal calling, in a loving and natural reminder to avoid pushing the envelope too hard, now and in the future, and instead strive to make a habit of giving and contributing while simultaneously growing – recharging our batteries, becoming energized and nurturing ourselves and others from what we do and how we do it. The courses, activities and events aim to inspire you to consider and use your body and your consciousness, your abilities and your leadership qualities in ways that train your intuition, generate renewed focus, add meaning to your life, enhance your sense of calling and happiness, increase your energy levels and improve your health and quality of life. And references tell us that we are actually succeeding 🙂


From 1984 until 1989, I had my own training centre near the town of Middelfart on the Danish island of Funen. After looking for a training venue for several years while living in a flat near the Danish town of Aarhus, I have now relocated to Sandagergaard to pursue my long-standing dream of establishing a seminar- and retreat centre that provides a source of meaningful inspiration and motivation for private individuals, employees and executives, where people can find themselves, discover their own true core and learn about aspects and nuances of holistic organisational-, positive-, social- and personality- and health psychology in an approach that combines both theory and practice and bridges science and consciousness. This is further supplemented with mindfulness meditation, yoga, physical activity and a healthy, organic detox diet with the overall goal of adding more meaning, joy of life, well-being and job satisfaction to our lives. In addition, I continue to practice as a psychologist in Aarhus and now also at Sandagergaard.


Life is short, and we need to make the most of it. I experienced a burn-out in 1994, and it took me years to recover sufficiently to be in shape to again be giving while growing – a way of thinking and being in life that has since become my little life philosophy. Which I have also written a book about. Over the years, I have at times found myself looking for a retreat place where I could return to my own inner core in a calm and inspiring setting, if only such a place existed. Today, I am happy to say that it does.

It is therefore my deepfelt hope that this new institute, seminar centre will become such a retreat place – a place of inspiration and consciousness unfolding, where body and mind are able to detox, rebuild and revitalise, and where future developments, research trends and levels of consciousness can be explored from a holistic perspective and hopefully lead to a lot of syncronicity meetings, friendships, cooperations, co-creative projects for the common good and to whatever wants to emerge.


The activities at Sandagergård are driven by an approach that bridges east and west, science and consciousness, heart and mind. We tend to laugh a lot and treasure humor.

We only serve organically grown vegetarian food.

And you are very welcome.