I design individual transformational processes for companies and institutions. These can range from a single inspirational day or week, to longer periods stretching over six months or a whole year. The content may for example cover: the psychology of change in theory and practice; awareness of – and adjustments to – existing limiting basic assumptions; innovation and creativity; application of positive psychology to create more job satisfaction.Workshop Global Win Conference Praque 013


Theme Day on Psychology of change and Mindfulness, 10 September 2013:

Helen Eriksen held an extremely inspiring theme day centred around the psychology of change, and mindfulness for about 50 employees of Aalborg municipality (Aalborg Kommune). Helen succeeds in bringing subjects, which for some may seem decidedly nerdish, down to a level where everyone can participate whatever their gender, profession or age. Helen is an inspiring speaker, who manages to transform a complicated subject into simple and easy-to-grasp tools that can be used during a busy weekday and at the same time are relevant to both work-related situations and private life. In a department with many strong individuals, there is often a good deal of pressure and the working culture is marked by the fact that we as colleagues have a big influence on each other for better and worse. The theme day with Helen has brought about an awareness of this culture and how we as colleagues can make room to change it for the better.

Helen is not only professionally competent. She also radiates a bubbly energy that gets the attention of the whole group. Helen is without doubt worthy of recommendation. Thank you for a good and inspiring day.

“Socialcenter Central og Ung”, Aalborg Municipality (Aalborg Kommune), Denmark

Grith Larsen Kvist