Newsletter – January 2019

Newsletter 2019

New Year’s greetings with a wish for greater humanity

Yes, you read it correctly – with a wish for greater humanity …
Because when our societal structures are subjected to continued efficiency measures, budget cuts and downsizing, with fewer hands for an unshrinking workload, and when political decision-makers still, in 2019, ignore the learnings of years of well-being research, I think it’s a good idea to focus on what we always have at hand, at no cost whatsoever: decency, kindness, humanity, focused presence, empathic listening and awareness.
The latter includes awareness of ourselves and our own attitudes and actions as well as awareness about how we can contribute constructively to the community or ask for support from the community from the basis of enlightened awareness. In a way that enables each of us to continue to contribute, co-create and give to the community while supporting ourselves and others to grow while we give. In a way that helps us thrive. That lets us create more meaning, coherence and humanity. Together.
Perhaps especially in this age of digitization and robotization it seems important to focus on making sure that the human aspects of our daily work and our lives overall continuously and persistently spread and generate more well-being to make the world a meaningful place to be, contribute to and make a difference in.
For more than 30 years I have made it my habit to begin my day with meditation. A way to focus myself and prepare for the day ahead. In one of my meditations over the past year, the following words popped into my awareness: ‘Being not performing.’ Three words. Very simple. And simplicity is often a source of wisdom.
For if we imagine a scenario where more and more of us focus more on being present in our meetings with others than on the constant drive to perform, I am convinced that we would see a much greater presence of both humanity and well-being.
A shift in focus from constant performance optimization to being present is not the same as being unambitious or irresponsible or neglecting to contribute to the larger whole that one is a part of. On the contrary. Maybe a stronger focus on being present in our interpersonal relationships could be a sustainable source of greater motivation in our sails, with added well-being in its wake.
So I am just staying the course, continuing to give lectures, teach courses and write books on exactly that 🙂

Apropos of that: many of you have written to ask me about the dates for my courses in 2019 – I include them below, all in good time 🙂 Again this year, the setting is a cluster of wonderful summerhouses just outside the town of Ebeltoft, beautifully located right on the coast, a stone’s throw from the beach, where you can fall asleep to the sound of sea.

Now, if you’re thinking, ‘But hey, what’s that about, you used to host your courses in your training venue in the north of Funen?’’ the answer is yes, I did, but my rented facilities came under a new owner, so I had to move on and find a new inspiring setting that is just perfect for my courses.

As before, my psychological counselling practice is located in Skt. Paulsgade, Aarhus.

You can read more about the courses on my website or via the links below. And don’t forget: I offer an early bird discount on all my courses if you register and pay the course fee before 1 February 2019.
Course dates 2019

Fasting course, advanced: 15 June – 21 June

Fasting course, beginners: 22 June –  28 June

Mindfulness course: 30 June – 5 July

Well-Being Coach programme with three intensive weekends

All the courses have a capacity of eight participants per group, including the Well-Being Coach programme and operate on a first come, first serve basis. In 2018, all the courses had waiting lists. So if you already know that you would like to join, it is a good idea to pay in the deposit to secure your place, subject, of course, to availability and confirmation. You can read more about the practicalities on my website under each course.

In May 2016 my book “The Fruit-tree strategy’  was re-released in Danish and also came out in an English edition in a new beautiful layout and design by Pia Darfelt. Many have asked me whether the book is only written for leaders and managers. My answer is that it is written for everybody, because it addresses, among other topics, how each of us can help create meaning in the larger whole, not least by learning and embracing a sustainable culture of life from our body and from nature.

And because I am often asked whether my books are available in English, let me remember to share with you that my book ‘Giving While Growing – From Busyness to Well-Being’ was published in English in 2018 (let me also add a yippee! here).







The book is available from Amazon right here.

I ran a campaign with a reduced price offer of 50 DKK before Christmas for the Fruit Tree Strategy book (hardcover) and have prolonged that offer for my newsletter readers. So instead of paying 299 DKK, you get it for 250 DKK plus shipping. Send me an email with your order name and address, so that I can calculate the shipping and have it shipped off to you for some new year’s reading.

And finally, of course, here is the link to my recent blog: With the wish for greater humanity and well-being in 2019

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, please send me an email or give me a ring. I would love to hear from you or to see you in one of my courses.

I wish you a happy, meaningful new year with lots of well-being!

Best regards,