Helen Eriksen. Foto: www.henrikbjerg.dk copyrightHelen Eriksen

Public speaker, author and MSc Psych

Helen Eriksen has a rare talent for storytelling. She is an unpretentious public speaker, who gives participants the necessary tools, will and desire for change. Humour and metaphors play a leading role in her talks, which are often praised for creating clear common frames of reference for the participants.

Helen’s talks are characteristically intense, grounded and visionary, with no pointing of fingers. Participants go home with more energy than when they arrived. Their level of wellbeing increases as does an understanding of their own and others’ behaviour.

This former sports teacher and development leader wants to make us more aware of psychological interaction and connectedness in our lives, thereby inspiring us to gain a greater sense of meaning in our workday. She believes more meaning to be an important basis for creating greater and sustainable wellbeing.

Helen is the author of a series of notable articles and books, most recently “Changes don’t ask for permission, they just turn up”, the first book in the “More meaning” series. In 2002 she published the highly acknowledged ”The fruit-tree strategy – giving while growing” Her talks can be booked in Danish, German and English.

Helen Eriksen’s talks come with lots of space, intensity, her own experience and a rare captivating talent for storytelling, It is a package that really shifts basic assumptions, provokes, shakes up perspectives, and gives new visions and the will to change. That motivates and engages and brings a lot of laughter and tools for future use.


Languages: Fluent in English, German, Danish. French on conversation level.