Fasting seminar with Mindfulness, Yoga and Massage



a week of self-indulgence and personal development with the prospect of fun, joy, immersion and springboarding to liberating new insights – guided by 30 years of experience in the field of fasting.

From June, 22th to June, 28th, 2019.


What the eyes are for the outer world, fasting is for the inner world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Fasting is the greatest remedy – the physician within.” –  Philippus Paracelsus, one of the three fathers of western medicine


An intensive week-long course where:

  • You slow down totally and completely unwind.
  • You are revitalised and your energy levels are renewed.
  • You are pampered daily with relaxation, yoga, meditation, massage and a footbath.
  • You gain daily health-building knowledge about your body, nutrition and psychology.
  • You discover the essence of who you are through tranquillity, self-insight, joy, fun and laughter.
  • You expand your brain capacity, improve your health and increase your quality of life.
  • You invest in yourself, your well-being, your self-worth, your integrity and your growth.
  • You fast for five days on organic vegetable broth, organic herbal teas and freshly-pressed vegetable juices.
  • You gain such physical and psychological reserves, self-insight and energy, that – in a most un-Danish way –  it defies both “the law of Jante” (who-do-you-think-you-are? attitude) and at times perhaps even the law of gravity.
  • You learn about stress management, unconquerable robustness, well-being and self-leadership from the world champions: the body and nature.

What participants say:

“Dear Helen,

The year is winding down.

And one of the experiences I remember most fondly is my stay at your place this summer. 

It meant and still means so much to me.

What is immediately apparent is that I lost 18 kg. This thanks to your dietary plan and guidance. And thus a change of diet. What I also took home with me is an understanding of the importance of treating our inner organs ‘properly’. 

But mentally, too, I have taken so much home – in my mind. 

Before I came to see you I had been taking blood pressure medication for six months – I no longer take it, it isn’t necessary.

You simply ‘managed’ to show me the way to ‘a new life’.

When I use the word ‘managed’, I mean in a positive sense. You are an amazing person – generous, knowledgeable, quick to laugh and incredibly warm. Amazing that such a little lady can contain all that.

Thank you so much for everything. 

I should warn you, though – it won’t be the last time I sign up for one of your courses.”

Lene Kjærulff



“This is one of the wisest weeks I have ever had.

I learned about myself, my body, what goes on in the brain, and how important it is that I take care of myself before taking care of all sorts of other things.

Helen has vast knowledge, in the form of theory as well as lived experience, which she doses in a way that makes it easy to digest. That makes the process feel safe and secure. The days are rounded off with a warm wilderness bath, accompanied by a nightcap, and it altogether felt  like a little slice of heaven.”

Helena Drewes

“The fasting seminar with Helen was a profound and joyful experience which exceeded my expectations. Her 30 years of personal experience with fasting together with a background in psychology, nutrition and physical therapy inspired trust and relaxation through the week.

Whilst abstaining from food for five days may sound rather bleak, it was, for me, a surprisingly pleasant experience with barely any discomfort or drama, quite the opposite, in fact.

I left feeling cleansed, empowered, more aware and sensitive to my body. Last but not least, I felt deeply inspired by Helen’s clarity and approach to life. If you feel called to attend the fasting seminar I can highly recommend it.”

Julian Noyce, Publisher, England

“A fasting week at Helen’s is a great break from everyday routines – time slows down, and you are invited to a rare meeting with yourself, where inner peace and deeper insights can unfold. When we get a chance to recharge, we usually also discover subtle nuances in our life that have been overlooked in the hectic pace of everyday life.

Beautiful, with a unique atmosphere, meaningful and with a powerful combination of fasting, yoga, massage, meditation and the profoundly fascinating presentations by Helen Eriksen – I warmly recommend the course to anyone in need of a week-long retreat with a focus on one’s own body and soul.”

Nina Lei, Denmark

“These days of fasting with Helen Eriksen have been an enlightening and happy experience: deep cleansing for my body, all the organs and glands, nourishing teachings and meditations, nicely balanced with joyful yoga and stretching ending with a wonderful ending ritual. And all in a beautiful environment. When can I sign up again?”

Matti Straub-Fischer, Headmaster, Kaospilots, Switzerland and Chief changel and coach, Changels, Switzerland.

“The fasting week was a life-time experience in itself. It was a week of emptying one’s personal waste bin, replenishing batteries, clearvoyance, reflecting about oneself without getting lost thanks to good guidance, phantastic company, respect and appreciation. Anyone truly wanting to do good to him- or herself should sign up and look forward to the experience.”

Babette Pfander, Switzerland

“Thank you so much for an amazing course.

I took the course for two reasons:

  1. A lack of happiness in my life.
  2. A desire to lose some weight.

It was a great journey. Who would have imagined that our gut has such a strong influence on our mood. During one of the final meditations I saw an image of myself from when I was 17, standing on a horse’s back. In that situation, I was happy and content and had a better acid-alkaline balance in my body.

I was also unaware that one could have had more loving parents.

I left the course a happier person than when I came, and I had lost 5 kg, so my goals were achieved.”

Bent Støttrup

“A one-week fasting course in the most beautiful setting, with the kindest fellow course participants and welcoming hosts helped bring about positive changes in my body, mind and soul.

During this week, the highly competent, inspiring and supportive Helen Eriksen, with her warm presence, humour and non-judging personality, guided us safely through our journey.

A journey that proved surprisingly easy to complete, and which provided so much meaning and took us safely back to the place where we belong.

It was an exciting discovery to be present in the moment, sensing and listening to oneself and one’s inner self in a new way.

The lectures offered food for thought and new knowledge, and they gave me opportunities to find my own way to apply these new insights to the benefit of my body, mind and soul, going forward.

For the first time in many years, on the fourth day of the journey, I had no pain anywhere, and that is still the case today, three weeks later. As an added benefit, my weight has been reduced considerably, and in all the ‘right’ places. I also feel a greater sense of inner calm and feel more at home within myself.

After three weeks, I still stick to lemon water, an alkaline diet, meditation and yoga. My body feels happy when it receives nourishment, and I sense its reactions when it is challenged.

This won’t be my last time fasting :-)”

Lisbeth Støttrup

“If you have ever, even for a millisecond, considered a fasting course, there is only one answer: go ahead and take one of Helen’s courses!

It is so much more than ‘simply’ not eating for five days. It’s like taking your old life, holding it out at arm’s length to inspect it, and saying, ‘Hmm, this one could really do with a wash,’ and then being guided through the process by Helen, with humour and a gentle, competent hand.

The seaside provides the perfect setting, with room to think and intense tranquillity, and Helen creates an atmosphere of warmth, joy, love and humour that is irresistible.

Although it is not part of the current title of the course, Helen could add ‘quit smoking the natural way’, if she wanted. Before the course I smoked up to a pack a day. During the course, the desire gradually went away, and I left a non-smoker.”

Jesper Lindquist


Seminar leader:

Helen Eriksen, Denmark. Founder and director of the paradigm shifting company BEYOND, an international transformation centre for business, consciousness, and sustainability. Author of several books which also includes the revolutionary book about leadership and self-leadership in the new paradigm: ”The Fruittree-strategy – giving while growing, tales from living systems.”

One of Europe’s most experienced fasting seminarleaders with 30 years of experience in the field of integral leadership and organisational development, holistic health education, and an expert in stress prevention and well-being.

All the practical stuff:

Address: This year, the course is held in a cluster of beautiful summer cottages just outside the city of Ebeltoft, a gorgeous setting just a stone’s throw from the beach, where you can fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves. 

Price: 6.900 Danish kroner incl. VAT, covering food, accommodation, teaching, organic bed linens and towels. 

Registration: to register, pay the deposit of DKK 3,500 into account no. 0755 – 3230797500. Iban: DK1207553230797500
Swift: KRONDK22. Remember to include the title of the course in the transfer information. After you have made the payment, please send an email to with your contact information. Your registration is secured when you pay in either the deposit or the full fee. After receiving your payment we will send you a receipt, registration confirmation, course details etc. by email. The outstanding amount is due no later than 30 May. For cancellations received no later than 30 May we will refund 85% of the amount paid in; for cancellations received after this date, the amount is  non-refundable, although it may be transferred (minus 15%) to another one of our courses. If the course is fully booked, we will notify you and put you on a waiting list. 

Capacity: this year’s courses have room for eight participants on each course. Registration is on a first come, first servedbasis. 

Transportation: from Aarhus Bus Station the trip takes 1 hour 25 minutes – look out for bus number 123. One-way ticket costs DKK 90.

The bus leaves Aarhus Bus Station once an hour 25 minutes past the hour on Saturdays. The return trip departs once an hour 55 minutes past the hour on weekdays; the last departure is 00.55.øs_helår_k17.pdf 

We will pick you up from the final stop, which is Ebeltoft C. Send us an SMS with you expected time of arrival, ideally with departure from Aarhus at 15.25 to arrive at 16.42.


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