Corporate inhouse seminars and events


In-house corporate/organizational courses and seminars

As an organizational psychologist working from a holistic perspective, I offer presentations, courses and processes that are close to everyday practices and driven by scientifically based knowledge and inspiration with the goal of promoting sustainable leadership, following, communication and cooperation in cohesive, thriving organizations – always delivered with a healthy dose of humour.

I create bespoke processes to match your needs, including anything from an inspiration day or one-day seminar, a week-long course or even longer processes lasting six to twelve months. The content may, for example, revolve around change psychology in theory and practice; increasing awareness and challenging existing assumptions that hold us back; innovation and creativity; developing a supportive psychological working environment; applying positive psychology in order to build a working life that promotes well- being and growth; stress prevention; or support and inspiration to build more cohesive structures and a strong sense of purpose in the organization.


Course on ”The psychology behind motivating the unmotivated”

“We provide master’s level education to public sector leaders. At one point, one of our course groups requested that we address an issue that many heads of institutions face: when a group of unmotivated employees have lost their drive. We contacted Helen to discuss the possibility of her covering this topic. Her contribution was masterly.

Helen’s approach to the topic was that lack of motivation might stem from a wide variety of factors, and that the way to address it has to depend completely on the underlying cause. Some lose their motivation because they cannot (or can no longer) cope with the tasks they face; others generally feel that that they are being treated unfairly by ‘the system’; and others yet find that the values they once stood for, and which made their work meaningful, are about to be thrown out with the bath water.

Helen delivered exactly what we had arranged and expected; but more importantly, our students came away from Helen’s session with directly applicable tools and good advice.”

Professor Emeritus Poul Erik Mouritzen, University of Southern Denmark

Adjunct Professor Jørgen Søndergaard, University of Southern Denmark


Theme day about everyday mindfulness

“Dear Helen,

I woke up this morning to a bright sunny day, feeling more refreshed and rested than I have in a long time. I don’t doubt for a second that this is thanks to your wonderful, positive energy and amazing mindfulness exercises yesterday. As I said to you yesterday, it was a great theme day in every regard. You met all our expectations. Thank you for your focused presence and your mindfulness. You were really able to get through to everyone and get your message across.”

Gitte Bjørn Johannesen, head of institution, Institution Aaløkke – Provstegaard, Odense.


Two-day seminar at Sandagergaard for teachers at the youth school Faaborg–Midtfyn Ungdomsskole

“In the encounter with unique and special surroundings and people, we altered our understanding of ourselves and of the reality we act in. Sandagergaard offers a perfect setting for a small or medium-sized group. It adds a special quality to a course to sit in the high-ceilinged room and hear the crackle of the fire in the open fireplace. Throughout, guests to this place are met with kindness and generosity. The organic and vegetarian food served during our seminar was delicious and well prepared, and even the most inveterate ‘carnivores’ thoroughly enjoyed the meals.
Helen Eriksen taught change psychology and mindfulness. With her pronounced emphasis on involving the body and her high energy level, Helen is an amazing communicator. She is able to convey a fairly complex issue in a way that makes it easily accessible, and she engages in the dialogue with the group in a highly focused and validating manner.
It was a tremendous pleasure. My warmest recommendations.”

Henrik KarupDeputy educational director, Faaborg–Midtfyn Ungdomsskole


Developing resilience, adaptability and robustness at the residential centre Botilbuddet Lyngdal:

“We are a residential facility for people with norm-breaking behaviour, and all members of staff have to be able to look out for their own health and emotional balance.

In order to support the staff members’ emotional balance, we invited Helen Eriksen to give a two-day course for the whole staff – and what an experience J. Helen is a brilliant communicator of profound knowledge and insight. With exuberance, energy and humour, Helen makes otherwise challenging issues accessible and relevant. ALL the participants were active – Helen simply manages to reach every single employee. With her respectful and appreciative approach, coupled with a dynamic and impactful communication style and an observant humour worthy of a stand-up comedian, Helen creates an atmosphere of recognition and relevance. We realise that we are all in this together. Without ever being supercilious or patronising, she establishes a shared space where we all become aware of the multitude of options that are under our own influence.

All the staff members felt empowered, inspired – and full of new possibilities.

We therefore give Helen our warmest recommendations. So much knowledge, great communication, such a treat! Try for yourself  :-)”

Director Lisbeth Nørgaard, Botilbuddet Lyngdal, Birkerød, DK


Theme day about mindfulness and the psychology of change

“Helen Eriksen held a truly inspiring theme day about mindfulness and the psychology of change for some 50 employees in Aalborg Municipality. Helen is extremely adept at bringing subjects that might otherwise seem quite complex down to a level where no one is left out, regardless of gender, profession or age. She is an inspirational speaker, who is able to translate a complicated topic into simple and tangible methods that work in a busy workday, and which are helpful both in relation to one’s working life and one’s personal life.

In a department with many strong individuals, the workdays can be quite intense, and the working culture reflects the significant impact that we have on each other as colleagues, for better and worse. The theme day with Helen created an awareness about this culture and about how we can find the space, as colleagues, to change this culture for the better.

Helen is not only professionally competent – she also radiates an infectious energy that grips everyone involved. I warmly recommend Helen. Thank you for a good and inspiring day.”

Grith Larsen Kvist, social worker, Socialcenter, Aalborg Municipality