The Fruit-tree strategy – giving while growing

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 A future vision that just could not hold its tongue

– tales from living systems.


A delightful and highly creative book, poetic yet profound, which points towards a new way forward for human beings and organizations. 

Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain, and other books.


Dear Helen,

Am just reading the Fruit Tree Strategy.
And you know what – the book is just amazing.
Profoundly transformative in the most beautiful way – I just LOVE your feminine and engaging, mirthful-playful presentation of something so complex and unconscious/invisible. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to put this into the world.

Anna Iben Hollensberg

MD Family Medicine
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Swiss Biological Medicine
Heilpraktiker (naturopathic practitioner)

Silkeborg Medical CenterDenmark


In ‘The Fruittree Strategy: giving while growing’ Helen Eriksen advances a systematic and poetic understanding of nature and how our work can fit into it. Knowing nature is fundamentally important, practical, and most importantly… accessable. It provides insights into nature’s ways and direction for personal action. Its power, however, is a vision of a planet full of people knowing how to give yet more as we tune up our intuition. Helen Eriksen’s poetic book shines forth from her personal warmth, sowing seeds of compassion, ecological ethics, idealism, and justice. Read it and you will be better able to think/feel from the perspective of living systems. If we can pull that off than there is hope for future generations and all life on the planet.

Randy Hayes, Rainforest Action Network Founder


Helen Eriksen’s book is much needed during these times. While many of us are busy counting the many challenges that we face, and trying to develop individual strategies for each, she presents a new holistic perspective that calls for a paradigm shift. Our bodies, our minds, our teams, our companies, our earth, our economy and our happiness, she teaches in her revolutionary fruit strategy, must all be factored into the process of developing teams and organizations. Among the many new approaches for organizational development and social change, this one stands out with its inclusiveness, creativity and message of inner and outer harmony.

Max Schupbach, Ph.D. President, Deep Democracy Institute – a Global Leadership Thinktank



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