This is what clients say, who have experienced a talk with Helen Eriksen:


OK-Fonden Egå

Dear Helen,  

Thank you for an amazing presentation in Egå. 

It was everything we had hoped for, and we have subsequently received a lot of positive comments. 

It is rare to see messages being taken in and sparking reflection in all the staff groups. We saw that with your presentation – from the caretaker to the cleaning staff, kitchen staff and nursing staff. 

Your communication skills are formidable … and we now have a whole new set of terms and concepts to relate to in our everyday work.  

Best regards,  

Jonna Kjeldsen, OK-Fonden Egå



Helen took part in a kick-off event to promote collaboration between shop stewards and employees.

It was an absolutely fabulous start to the day – and an experience that is still resonating with us.

Helen has a very engaging way to share her insights into human behaviour patterns. She makes the theory accessible and relevant, and at times, the recognizable stories had us rolling with laughter. She shed light on thoughts and considerations about well-being, collegial relations and cooperation in a way that is directly useful and founded in knowledge. A really great morning with a knowledgeable and dedicated woman.

Trine Godager, FOA



In connection with a series of major organizational changes, we found that a somewhat defeatist mood had infected the management team. In her presentation, Helen Eriksen focused on ways to influence the dominant narrative and take initiatives to fill in the gaps. Helen Eriksen shook us up and helped us realize that we had an obligation to change the narrative and assume responsibility for the future instead of dragging our feet.

Torben Gelineck, country manager.


You made a brilliant presentation on your Fruit Tree Strategy at SAND, US,  Helen. Congratulations.

Rodger Spiller, CEO, Money Matters, New Zealand


Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

“Helen Eriksen was delightful. In a very funny and relaxed way, she spoke about the science of motivation and well-being. She inspired us to be more aware of negativity traps and shared ways to generate a healthy and positive mindset. She is a very lively speaker who captivates you and gets your full attention”.

Eva Papamoniodi, Vice President, Quality Affiliates & Marketing

Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark


Mats Rieger, manager in Nordea IT Retail
We had a very good session about stress with Helen Eriksen .
In an entertaining and humoristic way Helen gave us lots of facts and insights about stress, what it is doing to us, how we are affected by it and what the warning signs are. Most of the participants could tick of several signs or symptoms for their own part.
A very good and appreciated lecture with many laughs, recognitions and some scary reflections that. I can warmly recommend  a session like this.


The international Conference on Business and Consciousness, Acapulco

When people talk about ’being’ rather than ‘doing’ they sometimes sound unrealistic at best and totally ungrounded at worst. Helen was able to not only talk about it she was able to demonstrate it. Her presentation was lively, her examples clear and relevant, her personal anecdotes inspirational without being egotistical. She showed that a state of ‘being’ does not necessarily mean silent or meditative but involves enthusiasm and humour – passion and pragmatism. Good speakers leave you with feeling that they are wonderful – GREAT speakers leave you with the feeling that YOU are wonderful. Helen is a great speaker.

Geraldine Bown, Managing Director, Domino Consultancy Limited, UK, Joint Managing Director, Lifeforce Alliance Limited, UK


W.I.N, (Women’s International Networking) WIN

Helen is a light in the world today. Every year since 99 I have invited her to join the annual leadership for women that W.I.N. organizes. Thousands of women have heard Helen and enjoy her passionate being with us so much that they flock to come back for more. Through her work helping leaders finding their mission she touches and reaches them to start developing their full potential. Her latest work on the fruit tree strategy is important and timely. We are changing the paradigm in which we live and work. Helen is one of the people leading the way. We need her, Kristin Engvig, founder and director W.I.N. (Women’s International Networking)

Kristin Engvig, Founder and President W.I.N, (Women’s International Networking) WIN sarl CBC-L,


IBM Global Services, DenmarkQuote on the talk: “From Organisation to Organism”.

“Whether you think along the same lines as Helen Eriksen or not, I can warmly recommend anyone to find new inspiration, for example, through Helen’s talk ‘From organisation to organism’. Helen’s way of communicating is so wonderfully alive and light, sincere and trustworthy, that I have seldom experienced anything so infectious – and without any pressuring if one has another view of life. I am sure that Helen sets everyone in the audience thinking, no matter what picture of the world or beliefs one may have. In any case it is always healthy to let one’s thoughts flow along new, unknown paths for a while. One can always turn around.

Personally I fully support the values and positive thoughts behind Helen’s talk. As more and more people do, I have tried to ‘live by this’ for many years. I am quite sure that the ‘organism’ comes to everyone sooner or later, to a greater or lesser degree, whether they want it or not. The wise (and ready) make sure that they seek ‘it’ actively, as quickly as possible – because they are the ones who will survive in the long run! ….. in my quite personal, honest opinion.”


Ulla Lindstrøm, Resources Development Program Manager
IBM Global Services, Denmark


UNISYS Annual Conference, Switzerland
It is with great pleasure that I can come along with the statement that Helen Eriksen is one of the most innovative and surprising  speakers, I have ever invited to Switzerland.

Her presentation, which  was solidly based on own practical experiences, with new ideas and interesting visions, immediately went to the heart  of the  2.500 participant – CEO’s from the areas of culture,  politics, and business due to her professionalism, charm and direct approach behind her words. 
Besides her impeccable English, Danish, and French, Helen Eriksen also speaks German very well indeed  – with a slight Danish accent – an accent, which German speaking people  really like and which adds positive  street respect.points.

I wish Helen Eriksen that her success may last  and look forward to welcoming her to yet another conference in Switzerland.

My best recommendations

Jan Marlier, Unisys, CH.


Die Post, CH

Liebe Helen

Hier also meine Koordinaten. Als eingefleischter Pöstler müsste ich Ihnen diese eigentlich brieflich übermitteln. E-Mails sind in gewissen Fällen aber einfach unschlagbar. Wir werden uns bei der Schweizerischen Post noch vermehrt mit dieser Tatsache auseinander setzen müssen. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, Ihre Bekanntschaft gemacht zu haben. Ihr Auftreten an unserem Management-Meeting hat mich sehr beeindruckt. Letztlich sind es Ihre Neugierde für die Anderen und Ihr Eingehen auf deren Anliegen – neben Ihrem profunden Wissen – welche Sie besonderes auszeichnen. Für mich war das Zusammentreffen mit Ihnen wirklich ein Gewinn.

Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute und verbleibe

mit lieben Grüssen

Reto Müllhaupt


Aargauisches Elektrizitätswerk, Geschäftsleitungs-Klausur

Anlässlich der Klausur-Tagung der Geschäftsleitung des Aarauischen Elektrizitätswerkes, Aarau/ Schweiz, haben Sie ein Referat zum Thema „Paradigmen-Wechsel – wie kann man in Unsicherheit leben?“ gehalten.

Es ist Ihnen auf eindrucksvolle Art gelungen, allen Teilnehmern die Thematik eines Paradigmen- Wechsels, der in unserer Branche vor dem Hintergrund eines Wechsels vom Monopolbetrieb zur freien Marktwirtschaft ansteht, in voller Tiefe und mit fundiertem Fachwissen aufzuzeigen. Der in Rahmen des Vortrages entstandene Dialog mit den Teilnehmern zeigte uns Ihre flexible Art der Übermittlung dieses komplexen Themenkreises. Darüber hinaus hat uns Ihre offene und spontane Präsentation sehr beeindruckt.

Wir möchten es nicht unterlassen, Ihnen nochmals dafür recht herzlich zu danken.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schötzau, Vorsitzende der Geschäftsleitung, Aargauisches Elektrizitätswerk


European Coaching Conference, CH

Hi Helen,

I want to congratulate you to your brave and outstanding presentation in Grindelwald, Switzerland at the 1st European Coaching Conference! You presented your ideas with such excellent spirit, energy and humor.

I found your thoughts about the organic dimensions of the organisation very fruitful, as well as the ideas about the possibility of a “holographic dimension”, where wireless communication can flow. Just being open about that possibility may change thoughts and behaviour.

Kind regards

Borje Wentrup


Corporate Coaching AB

Rabygatan 12 B

SE-223 61 LUND, Sweden

Phone: +46 46 399 866


Leaders’ main organization, DK

“Lean forward comfortably in your chair” and listen to Helen’s energy-filled inspiration about your huge potential to meet change and to understand the psychology of change. Your process has started when you get up from your chair.”

Nikoline Meyer – Ledernes Hovedorganisation (Leaders’ main organisation)


“Helen is very competent. It is clear that she has a big repertoire she can make use of. Her charisma and energy create a good atmosphere around her. Many in the audience have commented after her talk: “she hits the target spot on”, “she has substance”, “she knows what she’s doing”, are just a few of them. Personally I believe Helen has a talent for creating a fine balance between fun and seriousness, which touched me a lot in certain parts of her talk!”

– Lisbet Rostgaard Andersen – Egedal Kommune (Egedal County)


“Whether one works in a small firm or a large company, it is a fact that we find ourselves in a continuum of processes and projects demanding change. Helen Eriksen has a quite unique approach to the psychology of change. She is a fantastic performer, who captures people’s attention in an intelligent way and makes us ask ourselves whether we shouldn’t now start doing things a little better. Helen leaves a big impression and gets right in there behind our routines, prejudices and experiences, and is absolutely fantastic in getting people to realize that they need to interact with others. Over the past eight years I have worked together with Helen when comprehensive organisational changes needed to be made. She has an ability to juggle with humour and facts on the one hand, and history and innovation on the other. I have experienced Helen working with groups of 15 to 500 people, and every time the result is the same. We are filled with enthusiasm, ready to go home and make a difference!”.

– Michael Storm Klausen – sygehusdirektør, Thy / Mors Sygehus (Director, Thy / Mors Hospital)


“A bundle of energy, who absolutely lived up to our expectations. I will definitely make use of her again!”

– Jette Feldthaus – Kalundborg Kommune (Kalundborg County)


“Helen’s message goes straight to the heart of it. She is a really good communicator, who uses fantastic imagery and has a wonderful body language. Our participants left the course feeling highly uplifted – and now of course it’s just up to the rest of us to keep those images alive so they will also use the message in practice. Great that Helen set it up at such short notice. A thousand thanks for that.”

– Hedvig Hasselbalch – Danske Bioanalytikere (Association of Danish Biomedical Laboratory Scientists)


“Helen Eriksen is a committed and lively speaker, who understands how to communicate complicated theories like complexity and new paradigms in an uncomplicated way. This creates good images of the phenomena so her audience can remember and pass them on. An incredibly rewarding evening in her company …”

– Jane Grønager – Pædagogisk UdviklingsTeam, Varde Kommune (Pedagogical Development Team, Varde County)


“Energy-giving, accurate, funny. Fitted in perfectly with the rest of the programme we had put together.”

– Mette Brinch Hoff – Svendborg Kommune (Svendborg County)


“Helen was a speaker at Tønder County’s management conference on innovation.

She mastered the art of delivering a presentation that was perfectly targeted to our needs. We had requested a presentation that would tackle the concept of innovation in such a way that the traditional theoretical angle would be covered – but where it would also be spiced up with rather untraditional slants and angles. She gave the participants a good feeling for how innovation is only effective when it comes from the inside, and when we ourselves take responsibility for, and take part in, innovation at the level of action. Helen delivered with credibility, authenticity and a lovely commitment that can only inspire. She put body and soul into illustrating how one creates energy and innovation in leadership. It was a pleasure to be “invited to dance” 🙂 Also in the facilitating part of theafternoon Helen delivered to our full satisfaction. She led the panel debate, steered us safely through the allotted time while inviting eager-to-question leaders to join the debate, and on top of that she had the energy to screw and tighten the questions so the panel became sufficiently confused and all the participants additionally inspired. Well done, Helen!”

– Marianne Valentin – Tønder Kommune (Tønder County)


“Helen Eriksen is capable of getting everyone in an organisation to look at things from the beginning. To dare to try out change – or more rightly innovation – in a kind and understanding manner. And she does it in an inspiring and very lively way. I recommend her warmly for your next personnel event.”

– Flemming Gade Hansen – Sinatur Hotel Haraldskær


“Helen Eriksen is in a class of her own. A real live wire. Sweet, funny, up-to-date and with a message that hits the target. During Helen’s first talk she planted agendas and expressions in us that we still refer to with a smile more than a year later. And her latest talk again got us out of our chairs, singing together and thinking about cooperation and work environment in a new and inspiring manner. Thank you for all that you brought us.”

– Inga Ager – Byens Mad (City Food)


“Using her own experience, humour and a good portion of scientific information about how we react under stress and why,

Helen Eriksen ignited 500 people at our conference “Quality in daycare”. There is no doubt that Helen’s abilities as a storyteller have the effect that the audience doesn’t only nod and laugh while she’s on stage. The presentation has a long shelf-life because they remember what she said long after the curtain comes down.”

– Jakob Sølvhøj – formand for FOA (chairman of FOA trade union)


“Thank you for the good and rewarding day you gave us. I can feel that all the employees are still “high” after the 2 days of inspiration. It will certainly be remembered as an event in the organisation’s life that will live on through good stories and a lift in personal and collective competences in the field of relating, reflection and meaning.”

– Overtandlæge Erik Sørensen – Silkeborg kommunale tandplejes medarbejdere (Chief dentist – Silkeborg County’s dental health employees)


“Dear Helen. A thousand thanks for a good and entertaining talk. Your unpretentious and humoristic way of tackling complex academic problems means that you give the audience some clear pointers and a feeling of getting to the heart of the problem areas. I was enriched by your presentation.”

– Birgit Rieck – Socialpsykiatrien, Egedal Kommune (Social psychiatry, Egedal County)


“Helen again hit the target in relation to our requirements. She communicates in a lively and committed manner.”

– Marianne Valentin – Tønder kommune – Personale og Udvikling (Tønder County – Personnel and Development)


“Delightful and life-enhancing, and with good images for our memory bank and as a common starting-point for further discussion.”

– Britta Ellebæk – Assens kommune, Børnehaven Uglebo (Assens County, Children’s day-care centre Uglebo)


“Helen Eriksen’s presentation hit the target in relation to the reality that is on the way in Assens County. She managed to give a humorous and serious insight into human potential and reactions.”

– Gitte Kai Nielsen – Assens Kommune, Børn & Kultur, Dagtilbud & Skole (Assens County, Children & Culture, Day centre & School)


Day-care office

Helen Eriksen held a whole theme day for all our day-carers in Jelling. The theme was “Changes don’t ask for permission, they just turn up”.

An inspirational day about resource development, about creating cheerful growth with lots of wellbeing. About the possibility to become the best in the world – individually and collectively. Ready to navigate in waters full of challenge. In theory and practice.

It was a day that beat all days. In a most powerful way Helen manages to have a deep respect for the individual coworker while piling on the fuel. The day alternated between being able to hear a pin drop because everyone was listening with all their senses – and relieved laughter because of the delightfully humoristic approach. A different way to think about resistance and processes of change.

Helen is small in stature with a BIG radiance, charisma, which she uses in a fantastically positive way in her presentation. No one can be in any doubt about her authenticity. And EVERYONE is absorbed by her way of presenting these important subjects. It isn’t pure entertainment – one clearly senses her enormous theoretical foundation. She knows what she is talking about, she manages to put the message across with spirit and enthusiasm – and it remains clear in the memory of the participants. The day continues to be talked about. The day-carers repeatedly bring up examples of Helen’s message, which they use in their daily work. All this had the effect that we thought the parents of our children in day-care should also have the chance to benefit from this fantastic woman. So in November 2003, 100 parents listened to her message about: “Birds don’t ask for permission, they just fly. Children and childlike souls, and Peter Pan and the forgotten children, they also just fly. What is it that grownups just do…..?” It was a just as intense and brilliant evening as our theme day had been. We have had a lot of positive response.

We can only recommend Helen’s services. She is a woman who, through the person she is, her personal qualities and great professional knowledge, gives participants an input they will not easily forget.

Lise Fabricius, Day-care leader, Jelling, Denmark